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24 Hour Sales Hotline:+86-318-3236777
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“The leading enterprise of mechanical equipment manufacturing”

     Hebei hung Yue machinery and equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at the most western end of the economic development zone, which is planned by the Shenzhou municipal government. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service. The company is less than three kilometers from the city center, perfect commercial facilities, ninety kilometers west to Shijiazhuang, one hour to Zhengding airport, Shihuang high-speed and 307 National Road in the south, only two hours from the exit of Huanghua port, east to the big Guangzhou high-speed, Beijing Kowloon Railway through South North, two hours to Beijing and Tianjin, truly integrated ...


“Credit supremacy, quality first, service perfection”



“The production equipment is advanced and the inspection means are complete”


“The strength and quality of the product are recognized by the industry”